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2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe in Riverside

  • Hybrid Integrated Starter-Generator
  • 3.0L inline-6 turbo engine with mild hybrid drive
  • 40/20/40-split folding rear seats
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2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe MODELS

  • CLS 450 4MATIC Coupe

    CLS 450 4MATIC Coupe

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2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe performance

Hybrid Integrated Starter-Generator

Electrifying the inline-6 gasoline engine is an innovative Integrated Starter-Generator. It teams with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery to supply power for formerly belt-driven components like the water pump and air-conditioning compressor. These advancements help reduce weight and enhance underhood packaging. In addition to boosting power and torque for immediate response, the electric assist offers a substantial reduction in fuel consumption.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe performance

3.0L inline-6 turbo engine with mild hybrid drive

The seamless power and natural balance of an inline-6 have returned to the Three-Pointed Star with another Mercedes-Benz tradition: a technological leap forward. The lightweight, fully beltless engine is also electrified, with an Integrated Starter-Generator that can supply up to 21 hp, allows fuel-free coasting, and can recapture energy during deceleration. Even on its own, the twin-scroll turbocharged gas engine outputs 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque for smooth, efficient response.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe performance

ECO Start/Stop system

An ECO Start/Stop system automatically shuts off the engine at stoplights and other idle situations, to save fuel and reduce emissions. As soon as the driver lifts off the brake, the engine instantly restarts, for immediate acceleration response. Thanks to the Integrated Starter-Generator, restarts are even more seamless and instant. The ECO Start/Stop system can also be shut off by the driver at any time.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe performance

4MATIC all-wheel drive

In any season, on any road, 4MATIC® all-wheel drive adds to your confidence and control. Always engaged and optimizing torque to every wheel, 4MATIC integrates with ESP®, our standard Electronic Stability Program, for maximum effectiveness in corners and slippery conditions. It also incorporates our 4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4-ETS®), which monitors for the first sign of wheel slip and responds to ensure torque is sent to the wheels with the best grip, even if that's only one wheel.

2023 CLS Coupe APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe Appearance Main Img
2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe appearance

LED headlamps and taillamps

With longer life, instant illumination and beams that approximate daylight even more closely than xenon headlamps, LED headlamps can enhance both vision and visibility during nighttime driving. LED Daytime Running Lamps and all other front light functions are integrated within the flowing sculpture of the headlamp assemblies, making them as appealing as they are illuminating. Taillamps feature bright LED brake lamps that can illuminate more quickly than conventional lightbulbs.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe appearance

Looks you can feel inside.

Standard AMG styling and the black-accented Night Package option reward admiring eyes and your own senses. AMG® wheels up to 21 inches are paired with a suite of sporty interior details.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe appearance

64-color LED ambient lighting with illuminated vents

A network of LEDs let you create cabin ambience to suit your mood. Edge-lighting glows at three levels: beneath the "waveform" dash and door trim, behind the in-dash screens, and in the footwells. Along with 64 selectable colors, three cabin zones and adjustable brightness, numerous programs let you enjoy two or five colors at once, either static or slowly changing. Internal illumination of the dash vents can match the chosen motif, or briefly respond to your climate-control adjustments.

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2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe comfort

FrontBass system

A leap forward in audio quality, FrontBass takes advantage of the CLS bodyshell by utilizing the rigid front frame members as resonance chambers for an under-dash subwoofer. In addition to providing rich, precise bass throughout the interior, the design saves weight and frees up space in the cabin and doors.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe comfort

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay® brings its own interface and apps to your Mercedes-Benz. Integrating with your car's in-dash color screen, central controller and steering-wheel controls, Apple CarPlay lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your iPhone®. That's because it links your iPhone and Siri® to your car, so you can make calls, hear or dictate text messages, navigate to a destination, stream music, podcasts and audiobooks from a variety of sources, and more.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe comfort

Remote Start via Mercedes me connect Mobile App

The Remote Start feature lets you start your car's engine from the Mercedes me Mobile App on your smartphone. In extreme weather, it's a great way to pre-condition the cabin comfort by giving the climate control up to a 10-minute head-start on your arrival. It's included with your Mercedes me connect services.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe comfort

Power front seats with memory

Power front seats feature intuitive, seat-shaped controls on the door, plus a 4-way power lumbar support. To set and save your ideal driving position, a memory system for each front seat recalls three stored positions for the seat, plus the positions of the 4-way power steering column and side mirrors for the driver.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe comfort

Steering-wheel Touch Control Buttons

Innovative Touch Controls elevate the multifunction steering wheel to an unparalleled level of user-friendliness. In addition to fingertip buttons for features like audio, Bluetooth® and cruise control, smartphone-like pads offer direct control of nearly every cockpit feature. Swiping through menus is easy: Your left thumb operates the menus in the gauge cluster, and your right thumb controls the large central multimedia screen without taking your hands from the wheel's Nappa leather rim.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe comfort

HomeLink garage door opener

Three buttons on the rear view mirror can be programmed to operate many types of garage door openers, security gates and other HomeLink®-compatible features.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

MB Limited Warranty

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, covering defects in material or workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. For added protection, the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty offers continued peace of mind with prolonged coverage tailored to your needs.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe Safety Main Img
2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe safety

Blind Spot Assist

At most driving speeds, radar technology helps sense when a vehicle enters your blind-spot area. Blind Spot Assist can then automatically alert the driver via an illuminated icon in the appropriate side mirror. The system can also give an audible warning if the driver activates a turn signal while a vehicle is detected in the blind spot. After parking, Exit Warning Assist can alert the driver or passengers to vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians that could be at risk if the door is opened.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe safety

Adaptive Highbeam Assist

Adaptive Highbeam Assist can automatically activate the high beams when camera technology detects there are no vehicles within range ahead of you.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe safety

GUARD 360° security system

GUARD 360°® offers enhanced vehicle security beyond the standard antitheft alarm. An innovative system can help detect if your parked vehicle experiences certain types of impacts that are likely to cause damage to it. The system can push a damage notification to your phone via the Mercedes me connect app, and can display a notification message the next time you start the car.

2023 Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe safety

Rain-sensing windshield wipers

Rain-sensing windshield wipers can automatically adjust the intermittent wiper frequency based on the amount of rainfall.

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