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2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet in Riverside

  • MotorTrend's 2021 Car of the Year®
  • Engine 3.0L inline-6 turbo engine with EQ Boost
  • Up to 4.9 sec 0-60 mph acceleration (4.4 sec on AMG)
  • Up to 23 City/30 Hwy Est MPG
2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Main Img

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet MODELS

  • E 450 Cabriolet

    E 450 Cabriolet

  • E 450 4MATIC Cabriolet

    E 450 4MATIC Cabriolet

  • AMG E 53 Cabriolet

    AMG E 53 Cabriolet

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet PERFORMANCE Performance Icon

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

Where the sky embraces the road

Selective damping can firm up the lowered multilink suspension in sharp corners, yet stay silky on the open road. Optional self-leveling, multimode AIR BODY CONTROL® adapts to turn pressurized air into poised handling.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

A double shot of endorphins

The classic, naturally smooth inline-6 rushes into the future with a new beltless design, a twin-scroll turbo and 362 hp. Electric EQ Boost can add instant, gas-free torque.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

In tune with your driving mood

DYNAMIC SELECT dials in performance with the tap of a console button. The 9-speed transmission, throttle and more sharpen in Sport mode, ease up in ECO. There's even a mode you can set up as you like.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

Style that never goes out of season

Permanent all-wheel drive makes the E 450 4MATIC a cabriolet for all seasons, with added confidence in winter and nimble agility year-round.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

EQ Boost Integrated Starter-Generator

Electrifying the inline-6 gasoline engine is an innovative Integrated Starter-Generator. It teams with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery and power supply for formerly belt-driven components like the water pump and air-conditioning compressor, reducing weight and enhancing underhood packaging. In addition to boosting power and torque for immediate response, EQ Boost offers a substantial reduction in fuel consumption.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

ECO Start/Stop system

An ECO Start/Stop system automatically shuts off the engine at stoplights and other idle situations, to save fuel and reduce emissions. As soon as the driver lifts off the brake, the engine instantly restarts, for immediate acceleration response. The ECO Start/Stop system can also be shut off by the driver at any time.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

9G-TRONIC automatic transmission

With a greater range of ratios and shorter steps between gears, the 9-speed automatic changes gears more quickly but nearly imperceptibly. Along with a more seamless delivery of power, the lighter, more versatile transmission enhances quiet riding comfort and fuel-efficiency. The electronic selector and shift paddles let you control all gear changes with your hands on the steering wheel. And drivers can vary the shift modes via the innovative DYNAMIC SELECT system.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet performance

ESP Dynamic Cornering Assist

An advanced torque-vectoring system adds control and precision in turns via targeted rear-wheel braking. If the vehicle's Electronic Stability Program (ESP) detects understeer while cornering, Dynamic Cornering Assist applies the brake to the inside rear wheel, temporarily shifting torque distribution in favor of the outside wheel. This causes the vehicle to gently pivot in response, putting it on a line of travel, or vector, better suited to the turn.

2021 E-Class Cabriolet APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Appearance Main Img
2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet appearance

Elegant presence, an athlete's poise

The AMG Line emboldens the fresh E-Class styling. A diamond-block grille and AMG bodywork set off AMG® wheels. The Night Package adds gloss black contrast. Eleven wheel options range from 18 to 20 inches.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet appearance

Tailored style, always in season

The acoustic soft top is finely tailored in any of four colors. Three layers, nearly an inch thick, include an insulating core. In under 20 seconds, it vanishes into the automatically partitioned trunk.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet appearance

All-LED exterior lighting

From its headlamps to its distinctive taillamps, a network of long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs accomplish every exterior lighting function with distinctive style. The wide, wraparound LED taillamps accentuate the car's athletic stance. LEDs also offer quicker illumination, offering other drivers more time to react to your brake lamps and other signals.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet COMFORT Comfort Icon

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

Exclusive feel, unlimited appeal

Four passengers can take in the road and sky from a cabin that's a flowing sculpture of leather, wood and satin metal. Dual 12.3-inch displays, heated front seats and 64-color ambient lighting are standard. Natural Grain Grey Ash wood pictured above.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

Digital cockpit, human touch

The intuitive touch controls of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) put countless features at your fingertips. Dual 12.3-inch displays include a central touchscreen. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and wireless charging are standard.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

Your say, your way

MBUX can listen and learn, to turn your words into action. Just say "Hey, Mercedes" then "I'm cold" or "I need a coffee," and MBUX can warm the cabin or set the standard MB Navigation. You can also quietly control features via new capacitive steering-wheel touch controls.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

Power sport front seats with memory

Power front seats feature intuitive, seat-shaped controls on the door, plus a 4-way power lumbar support. To set and save your ideal driving position, a memory system for each front seat recalls three stored positions for the seat, plus the positions of the 4-way power steering column and side mirrors for the driver. Deep side bolsters add lateral support in turns.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

AIRSCARF neck-level heating system

Extend your top-down driving enjoyment further into a cool evening or later into the season with the AIRSCARF® neck-level heating system. Vents beneath each front head restraint deliver warmed airflow to your neck, head and shoulders, like a virtual scarf. With individual 3-stage temperature controls and airflow automatically adjusted to your driving speed, AIRSCARF means you don't have to put the top up just because the sun, or thermometer, has gone down.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort


An exclusive Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet innovation, AIRCAP® is a virtual wind blocker you can engage at the touch of a button. Utilizing an airfoil that rises from the windshield header and an electrically operated see-through mesh screen between the rear head restraints, AIRCAP helps keep top-down driving quiet and draft-free even at highway speeds. And unlike conventional wind deflectors, the rear seats remain fully usable.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

Optional Multicontour front seats with massage feature

Pneumatically adjustable lumbar, side and shoulder supports offer custom-tailored comfort. Four massage programs can help soothe and rejuvenate your back and shoulders

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet comfort

Optional Head-Up Display

The Head-Up Display projects an 8-inch-wide virtual image that appears to "float" several feet in front of the windshield. The high-resolution readout places useful information in the driver's natural field of vision, with minimal "eyes off the road." The full-color graphical display can show the next navigation instruction, driving speed, cruise-control settings and more. Its height adjustment is stored in the seat memory, while the display adapts automatically to ambient light.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

MB Limited Warranty

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, covering defects in material or workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. For added protection, the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty offers continued peace of mind with prolonged coverage tailored to your needs.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Safety Main Img
2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety

Parking made easy, driving made easier

Hands-free parking and a multicamera birdseye view are standard. "Car-to-X" technology can share updates to and from a central hub about situations beyond your line of sight. An available dashcam lets you download what it witnesses.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety

Virtual eyes, actual benefits

Advanced systems can help de-stress driving, from standard Blind Spot Assist to pre-crash hearing protection. Options can help you change lanes with a tap of a turn signal, or help the cruise control steer and even slow for an offramp.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety

MotorTrend's 2021 Car of the Year®

MotorTrend® has awarded the E-Class its highest honor for 2021. The entire line, its editors praise, "makes everyone feel special, delivers the best experience, and stands out from the rest of the segment. It does everything right, and does it all naturally."

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety

11-way air bag protection

An advanced system of 9 air bags offers 11-way occupant protection. Dual two-stage front air bags, combined thorax/pelvic bags for driver and front passenger, a driver's knee air bag, and side curtain air bags for both seating rows are standard. Side-impact air bags are also provided for each rear seating position.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety

Pop-up roll bars

Integrated behind each rear seating position, pop-up roll bars deploy within a third of a second of detecting an impending rollover, to help preserve occupant space.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety

Aluminum and high-strength steel body structure

The E-Class Cabriolet is elaborately engineered to provide the strength and crashworthiness expected of a Mercedes-Benz, even without a steel roof. Along with high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steel, the body structure strategically employs diecast aluminum and structural adhesives to enhance rigidity while optimizing weight. The windshield frame, floor and rear-cabin bulkhead are all strategically reinforced as well.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety


The first system of its kind, ATTENTION ASSIST® continuously monitors up to 70 parameters of driving behavior, and can automatically alert the driver with both visual and audible warnings if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips. With enhanced sensitivity, the system can also help detect drivers who begin their trip drowsy, and offer more useful information to drivers along their journey via a dashboard display.

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet safety


A Mercedes-Benz first, PRE-SAFE® can detect instability during certain vehicle maneuvers that suggest a collision or rollover is imminent. It can then tighten the front seat belts, adjust the front passenger seat, and close the front windows, all in an effort to better prepare the occupants and restraints in the moments before a collision. If no accident occurs, the seat-belt tensioners reverse, and you simply readjust your seat, open the windows, and continue on your way.

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