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2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster in Riverside

  • 2.0L inline-4 turbo
  • 18inch Wheels
2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster Main Img

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster MODELS

  • SLC Roadster SLC 300

    SLC Roadster SLC 300

  • SLC Roadster AMG SLC 43

    SLC Roadster AMG SLC 43

Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster Dealer in Riverside

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2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster performance

Superior Performance

The innovative SLC engines combine fire-breathing power with free-breathing efficiency. Both the 241-hp 2.0L turbo-4 in the SLC 300 and AMG-infused biturbo V6, now with 385 hp, in the SLC 43 turn motion into emotion. Their multispark ignition and high-pressure Direct Injection self-tune every few milliseconds, so they turn fuel into good, clean fun.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster performance

Shifts like a dream, swings with your mood

A slick paddle-shifted 9-speed automatic combines a wider range with shorter steps between gears, to make the most of the torque curve. It's also lighter, quicker and more efficient. DYNAMIC SELECT has a mode for every mood, from ECO to Sport+. Each one varies the throttle, shifting, steering and more. There's even a mode you can customize.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster performance

When corners get sharp, it gets sharper

Every SLC embraces the curves and clings to the road with a sport-tuned 4-wheel multilink suspension. An available adjustable suspension continuously adapts the SLC 300's damping to the road surface, or you can dial it in via DYNAMIC SELECT. The AMG SLC 43 features its own AMG Sport Suspension, with more rigid components and refined geometry.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster performance

Roadster freedom, track-star performance

The AMG SLC 43 is not just a more powerful SLC, it's pumped up in virtually every way. Big, perforated brakes with 4-piston front calipers lurk behind 18-inch AMG wheels. Its biturbo V6 turns higher boost into 385 hp. Its AMG SPEEDSHIFT® TCT 9-speed is quicker-shifting. And an AMG Handling Package hones its performance to an even finer edge.

2020 SLC Roadster APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster Appearance Main Img
2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster appearance

Line up the stars, or block out the sun.

A Mercedes-Benz innovation, available MAGIC SKY CONTROL® turns the standard Panorama roof transparent by electrically aligning tiny particles within its special glass overhead panel. Switch off the power and it darkens, to help keep out harsh sunlight and its thermal energy. It effectively blocks UV and infrared rays in either mode, helping keep the cabin cooler.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster appearance

When it comes to style, the sky's the limit

The open-air SLC is always open to showing your style. A wide array of paint colors, 18-inch wheels and options let you take it up a notch or two. Tailor the cockpit in more than two dozen leather choices. The SLC 300 AMG Line Exterior adds AMG bodywork and a chrome diamond-block grille. And on either SLC, a Night Package cloaks key elements in gloss black.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster appearance

Even when it's closed, it's open to a lot.

In under 20 seconds, the SLC's signature power retractable hardtop folds into the trunk, delivering open-air euphoria while leaving ample luggage space. An electric trunk divider makes top-lowering even easier. Choose a standard Panorama roof with a tinted see-through panel, or the electrically variable tint of exclusive MAGIC SKY CONTROL®.

Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster COMFORT Comfort Icon

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster comfort

Take in the air, and the airwaves

Craftsmanship meets connectivity in the SLC cockpit. Advanced technology is available in abundance, from music streaming to navigation with online searching. Clear analog gauges team with vivid color displays. Even the electronic gear selector wraps high-tech operation in a sculpture of aluminum and leather.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster comfort


The SLC's available AIRSCARF® neck-level heating system envelops your neck and shoulders in warmed air. It's like a virtual scarf you don't have to tie, so you can keep the top down longer after the sun goes down, or summer turns to fall. Three heat settings and speed-dependent airflow help make cool days and evenings cozier.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster comfort

Entertainment from everywhere, as close as your cockpit

The advanced entertainment and information systems available in the SLC put the world at your fingertips. You can stream audio from your Bluetooth® device, or a variety of online sources plus WiFi from Mercedes me connect . Available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto put their own interfaces, apps and voice control into your SLC.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

MB Limited Warranty

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, covering defects in material or workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. For added protection, the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty offers continued peace of mind with prolonged coverage tailored to your needs.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster Safety Main Img
2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster safety

LED Lighting

From its diamond-textured grille to its "twin torch" LED taillamps and mirror logo projectors, the SLC wraps its long-hood/short-deck balance in brilliance. Designed to slice through the wind and through corners, its sleek muscle and wide stance reveal its pure sports-car soul. And its power hardtop is among the industry's most elegant.

2020 Mercedes-Benz SLC Roadster safety

In the moment, and for your future.

The SLC's safety engineering stretches beyond its reinforced body and dual roll bars. Its systems use a variety of advanced sensors to help look out for you. Radar-based Active Brake Assist can help reduce collisions with traffic ahead. Blind Spot Assist is standard, too. And optional Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC® cruise control can slow, stop and go with the flow.

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