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2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe in Riverside

  • 2.0L Turbo inline-4 Engine
  • 208 horsepower
  • 26/38 MPG
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2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe MODELS

  • CLA250 Coupe


  • CLA250 4MATIC Coupe

    4MATIC Coupe

  • AMG CLA45 Coupe

    AMG CLA45

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2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe performance

Watches The Driver Ahead. And The One Behind The Wheel

Standard Active Brake Assist uses radar to help you avoid some frontal collisions, and can even initiate braking. ATTENTION ASSIST® can help sense a drowsy driver. Available Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assists help make highway driving easier and safer. And optional Distance Pilot DISTRONIC® cruise control can slow, stop and go with the flow.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe performance

Goes Green At Red Lights. Gets Red-Blooded At Green Lights.

Beneath the twin power domes of the CLA 250 hood beats a powerful heart. A 208-hp turbo inline-4 turns less fuel into more torque with advanced Direct Injection and rapid-multispark ignition. ECO Start/Stop automatically pauses the engine at red lights to save fuel. DYNAMIC SELECT lets you dial in a mode to fit your driving mood.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe performance

Five Driving Modes

The new AMG Dynamic Select knob lets you dial in the car's performance with five different driving modes.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe performance

AMG Sport Exhaust System

The AMG Sport Exhaust System enhances performance while generating an unforgettable sound from the four polished-chrome tailpipes. An electronically controlled internal butterfly valve responds to engine rpm and throttle loads, to serenade acceleration and higher revs with a rewardingly throaty growl, yet offer a pleasingly mellow tone during relaxed, quiet cruising.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe COMFORT Comfort Icon

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe comfort

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay brings its own interface and apps to your Mercedes-Benz. Integrating with your car's in-dash color screen, central controller and steering-wheel controls, Apple CarPlay lets you enjoy a variety of apps via an interface that looks and works like your iPhone®. That's because it links your iPhone and Siri® to your car, so you can make calls, hear or dictate text messages, navigate to a destination, stream music, podcasts and audiobooks from a variety of sources, and more.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe comfort

A Cabin That's A Step Ahead. And A Cut Above

The true value of the CLA is how it delivers the luxury leadership and advanced innovation that earn the Star in its grille. From its winglike dash, big yet sleek 8-inch screen and high-back power front sport seats, to its available Panorama roof and multimedia systems, the CLA cabin sets you apart from the crowd. And ahead of it, too.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe comfort

Split-Folding Rear Seats

Individually folding rear seatbacks allow you to expand the cargo capacity of your CLA-Class while still carrying a rear passenger. The release handles are in the trunk, so they're conveniently located where you'll need them, and can be kept out of reach simply by valet-locking the trunk. A new folding center armrest includes dual cupholders.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe comfort

Panorama Roof

Offering sweeping skyward views to both front- and rear-seat passengers, this giant, fully functional glass sunroof features a front panel that can tilt up for ventilation or slide over the rear panel for an open-air feeling. A power interior shade lets occupants vary the amount of sunlight entering the cabin.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

MB Limited Warranty

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, covering defects in material or workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. For added protection, the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty offers continued peace of mind with prolonged coverage tailored to your needs.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe Safety Main Img
2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe safety

Slices Through The Wind. Carves Through The Corners.

Simply put, the CLA is designed to capture admiring eyes, not get caught by the passing air. It's one of the most aerodynamic cars on the road, wind-tunnel-tuned to enhance not just efficiency but roadholding, stability and even poor-weather visibility. Available AMG Line options add wheels and lower bodywork to hug the road even tighter.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe safety

Seven Quick Speeds. Twin Shift Paddles.

Fuel-friendly and fun like a manual, with the relaxing comfort of an automatic: The 7-speed DCT transmission gives you both. The racing-derived dual-clutch design makes every shift lightning-quick yet liquid-smooth. DYNAMIC SELECT offers different modes for your driving mood. Shift paddles on the steering wheel put power in your hands.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe safety

Every Line Will Seduce You. Even The Bottom Line.

With a show-car shape and seductive details, the CLA's style is irresistible. Its profile is sleek like a coupe, yet it offers room for five and the innovation that defines a Mercedes-Benz. From its diamond-block grille to its LED taillamps, there may be no car on the road offering such eye-catching style at such an eye-opening price.

2017 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe safety

Blind Spot Assist

At most driving speeds, radar technology helps sense when a vehicle enters the blind-spot area. An icon illuminates in the appropriate side mirror to alert the driver of a detected vehicle. The system also gives an audible warning if the driver activates a turn signal while a vehicle is detected.

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