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2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan in Riverside

  • Dual AMG-specific electric motors with boost function
  • Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
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Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan Dealer in Riverside

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2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan performance

Dual AMG-specific electric motors with boost function

AMG-specific dual electric motors can deliver 617 hp and 701 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. A RACE START boost function can briefly output up to 677 hp and 738 lb-ft. The "permanently excited synchronous motors" (PSMs) feature enhanced windings, actuators and programming for higher rpm, and thus quicker acceleration and higher top speed. The six-phase rear motor is especially powerful. AMG-specific cooling helps maintain consistent response during performance driving and varying climates.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan performance

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive

An electro-specific development of the acclaimed AMG all-wheel drive system can continuously distribute torque to all four wheels with infinite front/rear-axle variability. Markedly quicker in response than mechanical AWD and virtually weightless, the system can calculate and adjust the torque split 10,000 times per minute. The Comfort mode of AMG DYNAMIC SELECT emphasizes efficiency and range while the Sport and Sport+ modes emphasize driving dynamics with a greater rear-axle bias.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan performance

Intelligent Energy Recovery with paddles

Paddles on the steering wheel let you vary the intensity of energy recuperated by deceleration and braking during normal driving. Three levels of recuperation are selectable: normal, increased (which can allow one-pedal driving), and none (effectively coasting when you let off the driving pedal). A "D Auto" setting can activate the intelligent ECO Assist feature.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan performance


A multimode drive program selector on the console or steering wheel-mounted AMG DRIVE UNIT lets you transform the car's character with the flip of a switch. Four modes (Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Slippery) alter the drivetrain response, steering effort, rear-axle steering behavior, AMG air suspension, and soundscape. A fifth "Individual" mode allows you to create a mode of your own.

2023 AMG EQE Sedan APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan Appearance Main Img
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan appearance

Style for days, and by night.

From the vertical bars in its front panel to its functional rear diffusers, AMG styling evokes and enhances performance. The AMG Night Package adds jet-black elements to the front air dam, side mirrors and window trim.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan appearance

Tangible visuals.

AMG® wheels can transform a vehicle's presence all by themselves. The EQE's standard 20-inch wheels and three 21-inch options are each precisely crafted and boldly designed. And they're all aero-optimized.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan appearance

Panorama roof

Offering both front- and rear-seat passengers sweeping skyward views, this fully functional glass sunroof features a front panel that can either tilt up for ventilation or slide over the rear panel for an open-air feeling. Dual interior power shades with controls allow the driver and each rear passenger to adjust the amount of sunlight entering the cabin.

Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan COMFORT Comfort Icon

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan comfort

Front-cabin wireless charging with NFC pairing

Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology allows wireless charging of a compatible phone or other device that supports the Qi standard. An inductive charging tray in the front-cabin console lets you charge your device's battery while you drive without plugging it in.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan comfort

Burmester 3D Surround Sound system w/EV Sound

The Burmester® 3D system pairs innovations in mobile audio with legendary quality. A Digital Signal Processing amp can output 710 total watts to deliver a natural sound spectrum in any music genre. A total of 15 speakers includes 3D surround speakers, exquisitely drilled metal speaker grilles, and body-integrated FrontBass subwoofers. Along with preset listening modes, Sound Personalization can tailor settings to your individual tastes. EV Sound features integrate with the AMG SOUND EXPERIENCE.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan comfort

Pre-entry climate control

You can precondition the cabin comfort while the EQE is plugged in, before you even enter. The start time and settings for the climate control, along with activation of seat heating or available ventilation, can be preselected via controls in the cabin or turned on via the Mercedes me connect app on your smartphone. With optional Energizing Air Control Plus, the cabin air can even be pre-purified. Preconditioning while the car is charging helps to extend your driving range once you're underway.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan comfort

Steering wheel with Touch Control Buttons

Innovative Touch Controls elevate the multifunction steering wheel to an unparalleled level of user-friendliness. Finger-sensitive buttons access features like audio, Bluetooth® and cruise control. Four smartphone-like pads offer direct control of countless cockpit features. The upper touchpads operate the menu screen in the gauge cluster or the central multimedia display. Larger, lower touchpads let you vary your cruising speed or adjust the audio volume, all with your hands on the wheel.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan comfort

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

A breakthrough in automobile cockpit control, the Mercedes-Benz User Experience is further enhanced in the EQE. MBUX integrates digital in-dash displays including touchscreen technology, touch-sensitive controls, Bluetooth® hands-free and audio streaming, and an industry-advancing voice control system that responds to your everyday speaking voice and phrasing of commands. You can set up multiple user profiles of favored settings, and groups of settings can be saved as themes or moods.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan comfort

Voice Control with Natural Language Understanding

Memorizing fixed voice commands is a thing of the past: Artificial intelligence makes the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) a future you can live today. Vehicle functions for a wide range of features respond to natural, conversational phrases. For example, say "I'm cold" and MBUX can adjust the climate control. It can even learn new phrases over time, and respond with more flexible and friendly language as well.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

MB Limited Warranty

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, covering defects in material or workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. For added protection, the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty offers continued peace of mind with prolonged coverage tailored to your needs.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan Safety Main Img
2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan safety


A Mercedes-Benz first, PRE-SAFE® can detect instability during certain vehicle maneuvers that suggest a collision or rollover is imminent. It can then tighten the front seat belts, adjust the front passenger seat, and close the windows and sunroof, all in an effort to better prepare the occupants and restraints in the moments before a collision. If no accident occurs, the seat-belt tensioners reverse, and you simply readjust your seat, open the sunroof and continue on your way.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan safety

Adaptive Highbeam Assist

Adaptive Highbeam Assist can automatically activate the high beams when camera technology detects there are no vehicles within range ahead of you.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan safety


The first system of its kind, ATTENTION ASSIST® continuously monitors up to 70 parameters of driving behavior, and can automatically alert the driver with both visual and audible warnings if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips. With enhanced sensitivity, the system can also help detect drivers who begin their trip drowsy, and offer more useful information to drivers along their journey via a dashboard display.

2023 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE Sedan safety

Active Brake Assist

Radar-based technology can alert you if you're approaching a vehicle ahead, or even some stationary objects, at a speed and distance that suggest a collision is likely. As soon as you start to brake, it can automatically provide an appropriate level of braking to help prevent a collision or reduce its severity. If you fail to respond, it can also initiate braking automatically at a range of driving speeds. The system can also detect and react to crossing pedestrians at typical city speeds.

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